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Student Ambassador Program

The American Indian College Fund Ambassador Program was established in 2015 to strengthen students’ and alumni personal and professional skills and to represent the College Fund.


Ambassador Program Details

The American Indian College Fund Ambassador Program was established to create a mutually-supportive relationship between the College Fund and selected scholarship recipients to serve as ambassadors and enhance professional skills. Program elements are designed to strengthen personal and professional voice and skills through active representation and reflection of the mission of the College Fund.

The program, as a form of practicum, aims to create knowledgeable College Fund community representatives to aid in peer-to-peer resource sharing and support for scholarships and other College Fund initiatives both on-and-off Tribal College and University campuses. This program also aims to provide a pool of speakers and/or participants for College Fund educational and fundraising events across the country. It is a further intent that the training and representation of the College Fund at on- and off- campus events expands access to personal, professional, and academic opportunities.



Program Components

Ambassadors help spread awareness about the College Fund’s services and programs.

  • Time Period: Minimum of one year
  • Training: 5-day orientation and skill building opening session (This component may be in-person or virtual in 2021, depending on COVID restrictions. This 5-day period may include travel time and may be extended in unique travel circumstances)
  • Virtual Trainings: Monthly sessions (webinars, interactive course work, etc.)
  • Sample Topics: Presentation Skills, Power of Storytelling
  • Individual/Peer Coaching Sessions:
  • Sessions in which American Indian College Fund staff work with students to develop the stories and skills to improve the participation in fundraising and recruitment events. Peer Coaching sessions allow students to share experiences to improve performance and participation.
  • Read more about our ambassadors Robin and Joaquin on the College Fund blog.

The 2021 Application is open from January 1 – March 30


American Indian College Fund Ambassador Program applicants must:

  • be of a state or federally recognized Tribe or a descendant of a member;
  • have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher, if currently enrolled;
  • be a current or past recipient of an American Indian College Fund scholarship (TCU or Full Circle);
  • be a leader or engaged student in their home or university community;
  • provide required reference from staff or faculty;
  • be able to commit a minimum of one year to program participation; and
  • be a currently enrolled student or alumnus/alumna of a Tribal College or University (preferred but not mandatory; mainstream college or university students are eligible).

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