Things to Remember on Independence Day

Jun 30, 2008 | Archives, Blog

American Indians are citizens of not only the United States, but our own nations, as well as citizens of the world. Our warriors have fought hard and strong for the United States in its many wars, and we are proud of that, and we are equally proud of our own nations and our Indian heritage.

All peoples are inter-dependent with other humans, animals, and the earth itself. As the Lakota say, “We are all related.” We all share both pride and a stake in the future of our nations and our earth for the sake of future generations.

Have a wonderful Independence Day.

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How to Help

Currently only 14.5% of American Indians hold college degrees. But with 42% of Native Americans being 24 years old or younger, you have the opportunity to make an incredible impact for this generation and generations to come when you donate today.